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Villamalom: A luxury villa in a spacious converted mill

Scarcely 25 kilometers from Budapest, near the M7 motorway, in peaceful, beautiful Pusztazámor, in what was once a mill, we can now find a luxurious hotel awaiting guests who expect more from their accommodations.



Enjoy all manner of activities in the area of the hotel: play all kinds of sports in the park, cook in the open air whenever you wish, and there is also a big swimming pool, so you can have a great time.

The hotel has 4 levels, each more than 500 square meters, where you can find four astonishing, luxurious rooms, and also a unique vast space.

Get from one level to another in a convenient lift. Relax in the pool, the sauna and infra-sauna, and a Jacuzzi for 5 Persons, the cinema, at the pool table, and also the wine gallery. The younger generation can take advantage of the Xbox or the PS4. We guarantee no one will be bored!

Each room is different, with a distinctive design, so everyone can find the one that best suits their relaxation needs.



You can rent the manor for no fewer than 10 people, in this case there will be two people put into the luxury room, and the other rooms. You can put an extra two persons in the luxury room, and also the graffiti room. We advise the graffiti room for kids or young adults, since it has a 4K smart TV, a PlayStation 4 and an XboxOne.

The ground level of the hotel provides a great venue for social gatherings, while on the two upper levels you can discover the luxury suite, as well as the Silver, Graffiti and Turquois rooms, where you can rest and enjoy life. Back on the ground floor you can find the classic room, which is well isolated from the others.

The social spaces are all equipped with cozy sofas and armchairs. Here, everything really is all about undisturbed relaxation, taking into account all the finer aspects of comfort and convenience. Make the most of the Finnish sauna, an infra-sauna, the large heated outdoor pool with massaging waterfall for neck and shoulder massage, the covered terrace immediately next to the pool, a Jacuzzi for 5 persons, and the fitness equipment.

Also next to the pool is located a recreation room with a fully equipped cinema (three-meter – ten-foot – screen, professional Bose sound system and Runco projector and XBoxOne, Kinect console), pool table, and a massive convertible couch seating ten. When converted into a bed, it features an 18 m2 surface – that's 194 square feet! The dining-hall includes a banquet table, comfortable armchairs, fireplace, 65-inch 4K 3D Smart TV and a Yamaha sound projector.

The Provençal-atmosphere wine cellar has direct access to the garden and is accessible by lift or stairway from the villa, or from the pool by stairway.



On the grounds of the villa – measuring almost one hectare – can be found a children's park, mini-volleyball court, ping pong table, and many other facilities for sport and play.



Be one of the first to bring you family or friends to enjoy the unparalleled luxury and wondrous atmosphere!









Intimate atmosphere


Relish the incomparable experience of enjoying the atmosphere of the luxury villa as though it were yours alone…and what could be more uplifting than to share this unparalleled experience with your family and friends?

2039 Pusztazámor
Kossuth Lajos street 17/b